Uncover the Truth on Animal Testing
Around the world, animals are used to test products ranging from shampoo to new cancer drugs. When animals are used for testing products for medicinal purposes, most people support its use, but when being used to test cosmetics, their opinions vary. The alarming fact is that 94% of animal testing that is conducted is performed to determine the safety of cosmetics and household products leaving only 6% of animal testing being used for medical research.

Even though the Animals Act specifies that there should be no animal experiments conducted if there is a realistic alternative, almost every medication in the market has been tested on animals. Many people disagree that animals are less mentally advanced, which is a false statement to begin with, and so they can be used to find cures for HIV, cancer or other diseases. However, it is cruel to take the animals out of their natural home, and use them for research. In the U.S alone, more than 70 million animals are blinded, hurt, killed and forced to eat chemicals for household products and medicine. Animal testing is not required by the law, but is done by the companies to protect themselves from customer lawsuits.

More than half of the 1.4 million animals counted by the USDA that are used in research were not involved in experiments that caused pain. Most of these animals were given something that either helped take the pain away or helped them get over the pain quickly. A total of 103,764 animals were not given anything to reduce their pain and suffering. Some of this pain was slight, like that of getting an injection with a needle, but some of it was extremely severe. For example, animal's eyelids are sewn shut, and the protein levels are measured to demonstrate that there is no difference in the levels of protein in the eyes of sight deprived. Studies on head trauma include strapping down the head of the animal, and giving high impact blows to it, resulting in severe brain damage.

More than half of the animal tests conducted by the cosmetic companies are faulty, resulting in incorrect scientific investigations that waste money, resources and time. More than 25 billion animals are without cause killed in the labs each year. Such animal testing does not give a good reason for the suffering of millions of animals, and wasting billions of dollars. It is a cruel act of aggression forced upon those that cannot protect themselves from the slavery that some humans seem to believe is still okay. Now that you have read the pros, cons and facts in regard to animal testing, it is time for you to form your own opinion by responding to our critical question.

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