Animals Help Humans Live and Thrive
You may wonder why animal testing is so important to us. In this post I will be explaining the many advantages of animal testing. We test animals to stay alive and to thrive. If we didn’t test products before we used them, they could have negative affects on our health. In addition, many doctors say that if we banned animal testing, finding cures for diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and heart disease would be limited. Animal testing also helps animals, too, as it has provides a cure for worms and other diseases that dogs and other animals are subject to.

Still not covinced of the merits of animal testing? What if someone that you love has a life threatening disease, animal testing might provide the medical help needed for a cure. Consider the following quotes: The List Verse company says “Yes. We believe that human safety must come first and that if it takes animal testing as a first step in ensuring human safety, that step must be taken.”
The Animal Liberation Front says that “Animal testing has kept scientists ahead on advancing human medicine and knowledge in the areas of Diabetes, Cancer, AIDS, and Vaccines."
If untested, the products released on the market could cause injury or death. For all we know about biochemistry, about physiology and about biology in general, humans systems are still far too complex for us to model. We're more ignorant than we seem to be. The only way we can find out what will happen if we give a new compound to a living creature is to give it to some of them and watch carefully. Doctors try to make sure that the animal(s) are in as little pain as possible.

If it kills cells, it most certainly doesn't go on to the animals. It’s also fortunate that unhappy animals give poor data. We want to observe them under the most normal conditions possible, not with stress hormones running through their systems, and a great deal of time and trouble (and money) goes toward that end. Also, diseased animals are clearly going to be in worse shape than normal ones, but in these situations we try to minimize all the other factors so we’re getting as clear readings on changes in the disease itself. Scientists and medical researchers do not willingly harm animals for pleasure; they do it in order to cure deathly diseases.
The NCABR which is North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research says that if you like having pets and eating meat, then people should shut up about animal testing because way less animals get chemicals poured in their eyes than sleep at the foot of our beds.
We need to have animal testing in order to stay alive,and live happy lives.

The testing of animals helps save human lives each year, and without it many more humans would die than already do.
Other than animal testing, there is no other reasonable solution to get the results we need. Some may say that we could test it on computers or try it out on bacteria samples; however, these results are not always accurate and may lead to some deadly consequences. In addition, tissue samples and computer simulations may give some results, however, they may not always be accurate and cannot show the side-effects it could have on organisms. A medical researcher concludes that, “You can’t train a heart surgeon on a computer, and to study a brain, you need a brain; a man-made machine is no substitute.” Without physically doing a certain procedure scientists will never be able to tell if the results are correct.
If a surgeon was to try a new transplant that has never been done before and he had never experienced it before in real life, nobody could know what the results would be. The outcome would be horrible. According to many researchers, the testing of animals is a critical to the development of medical research.
The testing of animals advances our medical knowledge helps save human lives, and there is no other way to get the actual results that we need. Animal testing helps us get a better understanding of the medicine that we use. It may not give us the instant results and cures that all humans want, but it does save human lives in the end. The testing of animals does not even compare to the cruel, abusive, pet owners; the pets kept in zoos and circuses; or even the helpless animals that are abandoned with no one to love
them. Now that you know more about animal testing hopefully you will choose the pros of animal testing.

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