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Cons of Cell Phone Use in School
If you attended school or taught in a school in the modern era, you would definitely notice the negative affects cell phone use has in the school environment. In this post, I will be presenting indepth information on this and many other cons regarding cell phone use in educational settings.

One of the most prevalent arguments against cell phone use is that it is a distraction to students. One of the more common distractions of cell phones is the loud ringing sound of an incoming call. Another con regarding cell phone use in schools is that it makes it easier for students to cheat on tests and other assignments. With the invention of the smart phone, it is easier than ever to cheat on a test, because with internet access students are able to Google a test question and obtain an answer within thirty seconds. In addition, students have the ability to text their friends the answers to test questions. As you can see, cheating is a very big con regarding cell phone use in school because there are so many ways a student can do it with a cell phone. In addition, just carrying a cell phone around in school can become a problem because it could be misplaced or stolen. As we are all well aware, most cell phones also serve as cameras. What if someone took an embarrassing picture of another student and sent it to everyone in school? This could set off a sending frenzy that will put the person who is in the picture into misery. Recent studies indicate that 54% of teens from the age's 13-17 use cell phones and send or receive up to 50 texts a day. That is up from the previous study conducted in 2004 when only 35% of teens used cell phones. So, as you can see, cell phones aren't going to go away. The educational system will need to set up rules to deal with the main disadvantage of cell phone use in school . A quote from city lawyer Eamonn Foley states that "the Department of Education had a rational basis to adopt its cell phone policy and that the policy does not violate any constitutional right of students or their parents." As you can most of the rules will need to revolve around the negative ramifications of distraction, cheating, theft, and inappropriae pictures.

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