Facts on Cell Phone Use in Schools
By: Kevin Erdmann

Do you think your child texts on their cell phone to other students? Do you believe your child is distracted by their cell phone during the school day? Read on to discover what students said in a recent survey. In this post you will read about the survey results along with many other important facts to assist you in making a decision as to whether you want your child to use their cell phone in school.

Common Sense Media had a servey and gound out that schools that have banned cellphones, 63% of students say they use their
phones in class anyway. Results from schools that have no restrictions regarding cellphones indicate that 72% of students use their cellphones during the school day.

After 9/11 things changed everywhere in the U.S. Some people think that if their children have cell phones in school they will be safer, while others believe that having cell phones don’t really help.

"There's a huge difference between feeling safer and being safer," says Kenneth Trump, president of National School Safety and Security Services. and the fact is when all of the students call in an emergincy it can harm more than help. Hundreds of students on cell phones during an emergency can cause problems for responders.

“Our connection of technology to learning is a major portion of our long-range technology plan. We are also fortunate to have a community that provides great up-to-date technology in their homes and for their students,” said West Linn-Wilsonville School District Superintendent Roger Woehl of student access to handheld digital devices such as cell phones and iPods.
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Now that you have read the pros, cons and facts you can make an eduicated decision. You can post you decision on our page with your view.

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