Introduction: Kevin Erdmann
Welcome to our podcast about Cell Phone use in School.I'm Kevin Erdmann, and with me is Brandon Howard. We'll be discussing and talking about this issue with our special guest star Nick Olson. He'll tell us all about this issue, and tell us some real life stories. Here he is: Nick Olson. Welcome to the podcast Nick.

Body: Nick Olson
Thanks, Kevin. Now, to the issue. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone, right? Well, most schools around the country have strict rules on cell phone use in them, whether it's banning them or confiscating them when they're seen.
Brandon: Well that's understandable.
Nick: You might be surprised at how many good uses there are for phones in school.
Kevin: Really? Like what? I don't think they have any practical use in school
Nick: Kids can use them for research or to copy notes with the camera. They could use them to text assignments to each other, or to listen to music during study hall.
Kevin: Wow. I never realized that! Those are some good reasons.
Brandon: Yeah. I thought they were just used for texting and distraction.
Nick: Well, there are lots of people who do that. At my school, cell phones aren't allowed, and I've suffered the consequences. I've had my phone taken away at least six times, and now I have to put it in the office in the morning. Teachers and administrators are opposed to students having them in school because students can use them to text test answers to each other, or to text things back and forth in class when they're not suppossed to talk. There are lots of ways in which students can use phones for bad things, but some schools allow cell phones and the kids are actually a lot more productive.
Kevin: Like what schools?
Nick: For example, Wiregrass Ranch High School in Tampa Florida allows phones, and the students have been responsible.
Nick: If the teacher asks the class about a new topic, the students can take out their phone and look it up. If they were asked about a famous scientist they could look him up and tell facts about him.
Kevin: That's actually a really good idea.
Brandon: I agree. I think that phones could increase productivity and, more importantly, make school more fun for kids.
Kevin: That's important. School is pretty boring.
Nick: Well, if the schools allowed cell phones, maybe it wouldn't be.
Closing: Well viewers, as you can see, the issue of cell phones in school is controversial. Some people think that cell phones should not be allowed in school, but others believe that the phones could increase productivity. Join us next time for our podcast about the school budget. Thanks for listening to our podcast and this is Brandon Howard, Kevin Erdmann and Nick Olson signing off.