Definition: Since cell phones have become widely used, their use in schools has become highly controversial. Some administrators think that they're just a disruption and a distraction with no practical use in the classroom. Others believe that they have their place, and if used responsibly can be a useful tool in the classroom.

Purpose: The purpose of this blog is to share both views on the issue of cell phone use in classrooms in a non-biased way so that you can form your own opinion on the value of the use of this technology in the classroom.

Facts on cell phone use in schools
Kevin Erdmann: Facts

Do you think your child texts on their cell phone to other students? Do you believe your child is distracted by their cell phone during the school day? read on to discover what they said in a recent survey. and some percentages, and make a decision if you want to let them keep their cell phone in school.

Brandon Howard: Pros

Cell phones: Benefits Outweigh the Risks

Do you own a cell phone? Do you go to school every day? If you don’t like having your phone taken away by authority figures, you might want to show them this post. There are actually a lot of good reasons why cell phones should be allowed in school. Admittedly, there are ways in which phones have been abused at school, but some people think the benefits outweigh the risks. Here you will read some of the many reasons why cell phones should be allowed at schools.

Nick Olson: Cons

Cons of cell phone use in school
If you went to school or taught in a school in the modern era you would definitely notice the negative affects cell phone use has in school. One of the most prevalent arguments against cell phone use is that it is a distraction kids, where they space out and even when someone yells at them for it, they put their heads up and say "what?" as if they don’t know what is going on. Another con about cell phone use in schools is cheating on tests and other assignments. Now it is easier then ever to cheat on a test, using a cell phone with the invention of the smart phone which has internet access so someone could just Google test answers and get them within thirty seconds. Also with cheating, kids in school could text their friend that already took the test what question it is and get the answer to the question. Cheating is a very big topic in the cons of cell phone use in school because there is so many ways you can do it with a cell phone. With cell phones being just carried in school can be a problem because another kid could steal it or you could lose it. There is also one more thing that could happen in the school environment, someone could take a picture of you that could be embarrassing and send it to everyone in your school which could go to all their friends to even sending it to one person could set off a sending frenzy that will put the person who is in the picture into misery. Those are the main facts about cell phone use in school including it being a distraction, cheating, theft, and pictures.