Cloning is it
What Everyone Thinks?

Some people believe that cloning is not human and that we shouldn’t be allowed to clone. In addition, it is very costly with a failure rate of 90%.This means that only 10 out of 100 cloned humans would actually make clones. Another reason comes from religious people and they say that it would be “playing God”. The last of the three reason that people feel cloning is wrong because the cloned cell may not live very long because it has been taken away from another life form or object that has already aged the cell that is used to make the clone.

Is it playing God or is it the course God wanted us to take? Religious people believe that cloning is playing god and creating a new life form something that is against the bible. Or is this the course god wanted us to take and that the technologies we discover are meant to be used and expanded upon. The choice of what you believe is up to you.

Another reason that some people are against cloning is because of the cost. To clone animals on a daily basis would cost so much that the people in the United States wouldn’t even be able to buy the cloned meat. Only rich people would get the good cloned meat well the rest of us ate none cloned poor bread meat.

The last reason that some people are against cloning is because people believe that when we use a cell from something already living the cloned object may not live as long. They believe this because the cell has already been aged, thus the cloned cell will already be aged to. An expert on this topic has said …

Cloning remains an inefficient process with typically 0.5–4.0% of embryos becoming viable offspring. …these techniques must be improved before wide scale use.

(Paterson, L., DeSousa, P., Ritchie, W., King, T., and Wilmut, I. 2003. Application of reproductive biotechnology in animals: implications and potentials. Applications of reproductive cloning. Animal Reproduction Science, 79(3-4):137-143.)

…So as you can see cloning is not an efficient way to make new life forms and should be improved upon before being used commonly.

Cloning is also unethical, how would u like finding out that you are exactly the same as your father. Some people think that it will take away from diversity and individuality of the human race. It may also lead to the human race being wiped out from one single virus.

“Cloned animals are not the same as genetically-modified animals. First, cloned animals are NOT identical to their parents. Second, there is no insertion of non-cow (or non-sheep, non-pig, etc) genes into these animals - no danger of aflatoxin, or peanut genes that can trigger allergies. Every protein in the steak of a cloned cow is still a typical cow protein. If you can normally eat beef, you can also eat cloned beef - there is NO chemical difference.”
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As you can tell there are many cons of cloning

Cloning is not an efficient way to make new life or to improve human and or livestock life and well being. I believe that it should be researched more and improved upon and then maybe if there is a willing person to test it on them. I believe this because a person’s genetic makeup and a rat are different so you may get one thing for a rat and another for a human.

this is something that might happen if human cloning starts and becomes widespread.