Should Death Penalty Be Put to Death?

The death penalty, along with every other controversial issue, has both its pros and cons. Many people dislike the death penalty because of its cost and its inhumanity. On the other hand, some people believe that killing the murderer keeps that person from killing more victims. The part of this blog is to represent the facts of the death penalty so that you can understand it and make a decision on which side you support.

Many people don’t like the death penalty because it costs more to execute a person, then it does to keep a person in prison. “It costs approximately 10 times more to kill them to keep them alive,” says Donald McCartin, a former California jurist. Money isn’t the only thing that makes this a hot topic. In some of the states that don’t have the death penalty, the murder rates are lower than the states that do. "The taking of another life by state killing only continues the cycle of violence," says the Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation. Some of the worldwide methods of execution are beheading, electrocution, gassing, hanging, lethal injection, shooting, and stoning. The most executions happen in China. In Singapore, you can be executed for minor crimes such as selling drugs, but in the United States, people mostly get executed from committing a homicide or murder.

Read on for more facts to help you decide your side in the death penalty:
· One execution costs $1.26 million on average (counted through execution)
· Keeping a person in prison costs $740,000 on average (counted from beginning to end of imprisonment)
· Between 1900 and 1985, 23 INNOCENT people were executed
· The number of death sentences are decreasing. In 1990, there were 300. In 2000 there were 225. In 2007 there were 115
· In 2008, all 37 people executed were male
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As you can see, death penalty is a very disputed topic. To keep a prisoner in prison, it costs about 10 times less than it does to execute. But by killing a person, it seems to continue the cycle of killing. Whether death penalty is humane or inumane is up to you. What do you think? Let us know by responding to our critical question.

The balance between For death penalty and Not for death penalty people is slowly becoming uneven.

Is the death penalty just or not?

Now that you have read the pros, cons, and facts on death penalty, here is a question to consider: