Is There any Substance to the Theory?

Global warming (climate change) has been caused by human beings through the high emission of so called greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide). Carbon dioxide is inevitably emitted when fossil fuels (coal, natural gas or oil) are burned. The debate continues and the big question that is on everyone’s mind there are any substance behind the global warming theory?

Scientists around the world are trying to determine how much of a role human activities are playing in causing rising temperatures, the hole in the ozone layer, and major changes in climate patterns - and how much of these changes are just part of the natural processes that Earth has experienced over 4.5 billion years.

Global warming is caused by **greenhouse gases** in the atmosphere that trap radiation from the sun and keep it from being released back into space. This is causing the temperatures in many places on Earth to rise by a few degrees. This may not seem like much, but in colder regions like Alaska, Canada, the North Pole, Nova Scotia, and others, this slight temperature difference has a big effect. Scientists speculate that if the current warming trend continues, the polar ice caps will melt and many other environmental changes will occur that can be both good and bad for all life on Earth and this is by asking a buch of people that were on the street.

It is not surprising that international surveys of climate scientists from 27 countries in 1996 and 2003 found growing skepticism over the accuracy of climate models. Of more than 1,060 respondents, only 35 percent agreed with the statement, "Climate models can accurately predict future climates," whereas 47 percent disagreed
By Kesten C. Green
Buisness and Economic Forecasting Unit, Monash University
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J. Scott Armstrong
  • Global warming melts the ice peaks which increase the level of sea.
  • Increase in sea level greatly disturbs the marine life .
  • Precipitation patterns changes turning lush green areas to dry lands
  • Increase in sea level also results floods in low-lying areas and hence loss of life and property in large numbers
  • Cause change sin weather patterns creating storms, super storms and hurricanes to appear.
  • Global warming also gives rise to many types of allergies, asthma
  • The continuous drying of forest leads them on fire which destroys natural resources greatly.

The main thing about this is that by the time you finish reading this you should know that global warming is bad. Also if you cant tell i am the cons wicth means that i am for it so this is some of the imformation that i got off the interent and there would be more but this is all of the imformation that we can fit on here so the main thing is that global warming is bad and when also the sciencets think that global warming is not caused by humans it is a natural thing that just happens and that we really cant do anything about it.