melting-glacier-crying-save-from-global-warming_5106.jpgThis could happen anywhere if we dont act now.

Global Warming Is Not a Bunch of Hot Air

Some people say that Global Warming is big hoax, while others support the theory. Those who believe that it is a hoax say that we're just experiencing temperature increases and weather fluctuations typical of weather patterns throughout history--something that is impossible to prevent. On the other hand, those who support the theory claim that the weather patterns we have been experiencing are a direct result of human induced activities. In this post I will present information that supports the theory that this isn’t a normal temperature increase and is a direct result of destruction of the Ozone layer.
Global Warming is true. The changes seem to be occurring more rapidly than what we believe to be natural processes, so it is believed that human activities are responsible for the drastic changes in Earth's temperature causing global warming Take a look at Antarctica, where the ice is melting at a rate of 15-20 centimeters a day. This means that wildlife, such as the polar bear, will soon run out of solid places to live. Pollution from all type of vehicles and industries are destroying our O-Zone layer allowing more sun and heat to come through. This heat has also decreased the production of rainfall, which is making the leaves and trees drier. Because of this we have seen an increase in forest fires because when a small spark ignites, the fire can spread easier and faster..

Additional examples of the effects of global warming include:
• Higher sea level leading to flooding of low-lying lands and deaths and disease
• Deserts experiencing increased dryness
• Water shortages in already water-scarce areas
• Starvation, malnutrition, and increased deaths due to food and crop shortages
• More extreme weather and an increased frequency of severe and catastrophic storms
• Increased disease in humans and animals
• Increased deaths from heat waves
• Extinction of additional species of animals and plants that need lots of water
• Loss of animal and plant habitats
• Increased emigration of those from poorer or low-lying countries to wealthier or higher countries seeking better (or non-deadly) conditions
• Additional use of energy resources for cooling needs
• Increased air pollution
• Increased allergy and asthma rates due to earlier blooming of plants
• Permanent loss of glaciers and ice sheets
• Increased acid in rainfall
• Earlier drying of forests leading to increased forest fires in size and intensity.
• Changes to farming production that can lead to food shortages

To back up my opinion, I have two included the opinions of two experts on this issue:

Most of the global average warming over the past 50 years is very likely due to anthropogenic GHG increases and it is likely that there is a discernible human-induced warming averaged over each continent (except Antarctica).

-Michael Oppenheimer

There are stronger and stronger indications that global warming is happening, that it's caused by humans, and its consequences are looking more and more ominous. You can draw a parallel to the early days of [research into] cigarette smoking, the '50s and '60s, where scientists said, "Hey, there seems to be a link between lung cancer and cigarette smoking."
-Steven Chu

In conclusion, Global Warming is major and serious occurence that should not be ignored by our nation, or the world. As you’ve seen from my post, Global Warming is no joke. Real examples lof its existence include the melting in Antarctica and increased numbers in forest fires We need everyone's cooperation in order to to prevent future catastrophic events related to global warming. To assist you in forming your opinion regarding the existence of global warming, read the information presented in our next post that outlines why some people do not support the theory.

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By Chris