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Health Care Cons Outweigh the Pros

Is the Health Care Reform as “Healthy” as it Appears?

The benefit of providing everyone in the nation with health care does have its financial problems. For the first few years, the new Health Care Reform Plan is going to cost $1 billion dollars per year. Although Health Care for all is beneficial to citizens with financial problems, those who already have good health care are concerned that they will have to pay. This post wil present the cons of the Health Care Reform Plan.

The first and most obvious problem associated with the Health Care Reform Plan is the high cost associated with it. Presently the US is in a recession, and universal health care could lead our nation into a deeper recession. During the first ten years the Health Care Reform Plan will cost the US $940 million dollars. That means each year the US has to pay about $100 million dollars, which is about the cost of the Iraqi war. As a result, the citizens of the USA will be seeing tax increases. Here’s what Ed Rollins, senior presidential fellow at Kalikow University said regarding the tax increase.The American public is getting a tax increase -- and not just the rich ($200,000 is defined as rich). The so-called "Cadillac" health insurance plans will be taxed, and there are a variety of other taxes on businesses that will undoubtedly be passed on to consumers.” Obviously, health care costs are a big problem with this plan.

Another concern with having universal health care is that the overall quality of health care will go down. The more people you have to provide health care for, the more equipment you will need, which will cost more money. Is this going to force health care providers to chose equipment and medicine that costs less and is of inferior quality?

An additional problem to consider is that the wait time to schedule appointments with health care providers will be much longer. Recent statistics from the Institution of Healthcare Improvement indicate that “People are waiting an average of 70 days to see a provider.” This could present a serious problem to people who are dealing with life threatening diseases and need to see a health care provider in a timely manner.

Some people are concerned that when the Health Care Reform is put into action that everyone will have to have government provided health care. This means that around 100 million people could be forced to convert to government health care. People who currently have great health care plans fear that they may be required to pay about the same for less health care coverage and benefits.

This relates to the Individual Mandate. According to the Health Care Reform if you don’t have Health Care, but can afford it, you are required to buy it. Plus, if you already have Health Care, you might have to pay 2% more than what you are paying to keep it. This is not fair to those that may not have a lot of money but have to spend it on higher priced Health Care.

Obviously, the Health Care Reform Plan has some problems. These include higher taxes, higher insurance premiums for less quality coverage, longer wait times to see a health care specialists, the possibility of less quality health care coverage, along with an increase in our national debt. To assist you in forming your opinion, read our next post that presents the facts about the Health Care Reform Plan.

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